My Review of Christian Berdahl's From Broken to Breakthrough DVDs

My Review of Christian Berdahl’s From Broken to Breakthrough DVDs Part 3

Incredible! Each hour long dvd in From Broken to Breakthrough is very relevant, but the the third and final one tops them all.

My Review of Christian Berdahl’s From Broken to Breakthrough DVDs Part 3

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When you start watching the first dvd, you can’t help but put the second one in. I showed the first dvd to my church, and they are very eager to watch the second one very soon. However, since I own the dvds, I’ve gone ahead and watched all of them because Christian Berdahl and his family have a message that I needed to hear.

Though it was important to learn about Christian and his family’s pain and suffering, and it was a blessing to hear about Christian’s conversion story, nothing tops the third dvd because I learned about how God has restored his family. You won’t know the full import of these words until you actually watch the dvds. Who would think that God could restore his family who had gone through so much? I really appreciated the part where he said to never stop praying for the your family. I also liked hearing his brothers and mother speak about their own experiences, but I was in for very special treat at the end of this dvd. Praise the Lord that Christian and his family is a living testimony of the power of God to change people’s hearts irrespective of their background.

Christian Berdahl’s Tips For Overcoming The Past:

Tip #1 Acknowledge the reality of your past.
Tip #2 Make a decision to move forward in spite of your past.
Tip #3 Reach out asking for help (God is the best place to start).
Tip #4 Ask God to help you endure the pain associated with your past.
Tip #5 Replace your bad habits with good ones.
Tip #6 Pray for a heavenly perspective about yourself and those who hurt you.
Tip #7 Ask God to give you the gift of forgiveness in your heart.
Tip #8 Ask God to open up opportunities to get outside of yourself and serve others
Tip #9 Stop and count your blessings.


After watching the third dvd, my recommendation is a no brainer. I know if you buy From Broken to Breakthrough, you will not regret it!

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Have you watched From Broken to Breakthrough yet, or are you excited to see it soon? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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