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Affects of Domestic Violence

myth debunked babies aren't affected by intimate partner violence

Think Babies Aren’t Affected By Just Witnessing Intimate Partner Violence? This 2 Minute Video Completely Debunks That Myth!

This 2 minute video provides compelling evidence why babies are definitely affected by Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) — even if they are never physically abused themselves. Watch this experiment from the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences: Details on The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences’ Experiment with 150 Toddlers The University of Washington wrote this about the experiment: “In the experiment, 150 toddlers at 15 months of age – an even mix of boys and girls – sat on their parents’ laps and watched as an experimenter sat at a table across from them and demonstrated how to use a few different toys.… Read More
Watch Nick News Special- -...When

Watch This Emmy Nominated Nick News Special: “…When Violence Hits Home”

Today, I watched an Emmy-Nominated Nick News with Linda Ellerbee special, “Family Secrets: When Violence Hits Home”, about domestic violence. I heard stories of youth who had grown up with violence with their own homes. Like what was highlighted in “First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a Child’s Developing Brain”, this video clearly shows that children are affected by domestic violence–even if they are not the direct physical recipients of it.… Read More
Exposure to Violence

5 Memorable Quotes From “First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a Child’s Developing Brain”

1. “A baby’s tiny developing brain is like a delicate flower. If the flower is stressed, the flower wilts. If the flower is nourished, the flower blooms.” *** 2. “Unlike other organs, the brain is undeveloped at birth, and it is waiting for experiences to shape how it will develop.… Read More
child domestic violence victim

One Way Domestic Violence Affects Children

The Atlantic published an article called “How Family Violence Changes the Way Children’s Brains Function”. In it it they wrote about one way domestic violence affects children: “The researchers concluded that children who have been exposed to family violence, even if they are not showing overt symptoms, have a heightened neural responsiveness to stress.… Read More