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myth debunked babies aren't affected by intimate partner violence

Think Babies Aren’t Affected By Just Witnessing Intimate Partner Violence? This 2 Minute Video Completely Debunks That Myth!

This 2 minute video provides compelling evidence why babies are definitely affected by Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) — even if they are never physically abused themselves. Watch this experiment from the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences: Details on The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences’ Experiment with 150 Toddlers The University of Washington wrote this about the experiment: “In the experiment, 150 toddlers at 15 months of age – an even mix of boys and girls – sat on their parents’ laps and watched as an experimenter sat at a table across from them and demonstrated how to use a few different toys.… Read More
Leaked! Saul's 2 Tactics to Guilt Trip His Son (1)

LEAKED! Saul’s 2 Tactics To Guilt Trip His Son

Learn how Saul tried to mask evil intentions with “good” motives to guilt trip his son. Saul Said to Jonathan, “I Have Your Best Interest At Heart.” Last night, my mind was really drawn to 1 Samuel 20:31. It was as if Saul said to Jonathan, “I am looking out for your future.… Read More
child domestic violence victim

One Way Domestic Violence Affects Children

The Atlantic published an article called “How Family Violence Changes the Way Children’s Brains Function”. In it it they wrote about one way domestic violence affects children: “The researchers concluded that children who have been exposed to family violence, even if they are not showing overt symptoms, have a heightened neural responsiveness to stress.… Read More