My Review of Christian Berdahl's From Broken to Breakthrough DVDs

My Review of Christian Berdahl’s From Broken to Breakthrough DVD Part 1

Ever since I learned about Christian Berdahl’s From Broken to
Breakthrough DVD series, which highlights his family testimony of Christ taking them from abuse and giving them victory, I knew I wanted to watch it! Previously, I’ve heard Christian Berdahl give his personal testimony, but what makes this DVD different is I was able to hear from his mother, two brothers, his biological dad, his second step dad, and his teacher. This made his story richer, and I learned additional information that I would never gain if I just had listened to Christian by himself.

My Review of Christian Berdahl’s From Broken to Breakthrough DVD Part 1

From Broken to Breakthrough actually comes with 3 hour long dvds, so this is why I’m breaking up the review in stages. I’ve only watched the first DVD so far.

For those who haven’t seen it, please watch this trailer of From Broken to Breakthrough:

The DVD starts out with Christian mentioning Revelation 12:11, which says how people overcome Satan. “…They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” See also Rev 12:9. I really like how Christian emphasized victory in Christ at the beginning of his DVD. As his family’s story is shared, one could wonder if Christ could even heal those who have had such dysfunctional home environments like Christian and his family, but Christian quickly helps us know that Christ is more than able to deal with brokenness.

    Here are some details of Christian’s background:

  • His mother and biological father didn’t have the best relationship with their fathers. Their fathers’ love wasn’t expressed in healthy or tangible ways.
  • At ages 16 and 18, his mother and biological father were married one week after his mother found out she was pregnant with Christian.
  • Christian mother didn’t know that the man she married had a drinking problem. After having two more sons with him, she had enough of his irresponsible, drunken behavior, and she divorced him at age 22.
  • Christian’s first memory of his dad was of him leaving.
  • Christian said this about his stepfather, “The physical abuse was criminal, but even worse were the mental games he would play. We were just broken down physically, mentally, and emotionally…I was bleeding to death emotionally, and this led to thoughts of suicide. I welcomed death. I wanted death…”
  • His brother, Aaron, thought his stepdad was going to kill their mother.
  • Their story continues, but I’ll let you see it from the DVD.

    “The physical abuse was criminal, but even worse were the mental games he would play.”

    More Quotes From Broken to Breakthrough

    I love these statements from Christian:
    “We are not a composite or a product of all the experiences we’ve had; rather, we are a composite of what we make of and do with those experiences.” “Continuing to be a victim is voluntary.” “…I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

    “We must take a long and usually hard look at ourselves and ask the question: am I making choices today that are driven by the unhealthy programming of my childhood…?” This question reminds me of the article I wrote called “The Importance of Thinking About Domestic Violence and Dysfunctional Relationships.”


    Everyone needs to watch From Broken to Breakthrough. This was a very eloquent reminder that Christ can help heal even people who come from such tragedy. I’m looking forward to watching part two of this DVD series very soon!

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    Continue to read part 2.

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