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The Mind of An Abuser

Leaked! Saul's 2 Tactics to Guilt Trip His Son (1)

LEAKED! Saul’s 2 Tactics To Guilt Trip His Son

Learn how Saul tried to mask evil intentions with “good” motives to guilt trip his son. Saul Said to Jonathan, “I Have Your Best Interest At Heart.” Last night, my mind was really drawn to 1 Samuel 20:31. It was as if Saul said to Jonathan, “I am looking out for your future.… Read More
12 Traits of Abusers From 1 Bible Text 2

YouTube: 12 Traits of An Abuser In 1 Bible Text!

New Youtube video: 12 Traits of An Abuser In 1 Bible Text! When you finish watching “12 Traits of An Abuser In 1 Bible Text”, you should know that Christ has a very intimate understanding of the dysfunction of sin. If you’re like me, you’ll get excited about how relevant the Word of God still is to healing people from abuse as we go through 1 Samuel 20:30.… Read More