12 Traits of Abusers From 1 Bible Text 2

YouTube: 12 Traits of An Abuser In 1 Bible Text!

New Youtube video: 12 Traits of An Abuser In 1 Bible Text!

When you finish watching “12 Traits of An Abuser In 1 Bible Text”, you should know that Christ has a very intimate understanding of the dysfunction of sin. If you’re like me, you’ll get excited about how relevant the Word of God still is to healing people from abuse as we go through 1 Samuel 20:30. However, we have to recognize that we are but scratching the surface of the Bible! There is infinite wisdom in the entire Bible how we can be set free from abuse!

This YouTube video is really from my article, “12 Things One Verse Tells Us About The Abusive Mind”.

Here is the full video:

Below are sections of the video in a playlist form. These shorter videos are excellent for sharing the bite sized portions of the video.

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