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How is God a very present help in trouble

How is God a “very present help in trouble”? Part 1

The Bible says, “God is…a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1. Let’s say that someone was robbed or experienced a tragedy. In the context of trials, how is “God…a very present help in trouble” from a Biblical perspective? The Context of God Being “A Very Present Help In Trouble” in Psalm 46:1 If we really want to analyze Psalm 46:1, we have to acknowledge that the first word that mentioned is “God”, and the entire verse centers around Him.… Read More
RE- Shouldn't Christ Have Been More Christlike-

RE: Shouldn’t Christ Have Been More Christlike?

Nathan Johnson shared a very thoughtful response to my article “Shouldn’t Christ Have Been More Christlike”, which he wrote below. Am I a True Christian? All through history there has been true Christians, false Christians, and non-Christians. Between these three groups, there has always seemingly been some contention.… Read More
Are We Really Good Mind Readers?

Can You Pass The Quiz I Miserably Failed? Part 2

Click here to take the quiz, “What Are They Thinking”, if you haven’t done so already. Are We Really Good Mind Readers? I know I’m not. This is why I miserably failed that quiz initially 2.5 years ago. That was very enlightening to me because I realized after the results were explained that I have a tendency to try to mind read if I don’t continually submit my will to Christ and let Him control my thoughts.… Read More