Can the Bible relate to my broken home-

Can the Bible Relate to My Dysfunctional Home?

In my book, “Except the Lord Build the House: Overcoming they Dysfunctional Mind”, it is clearly laid out from the Bible that we need to go to Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor if we want true healing and restoration from our broken home environments. God has outlined precious counsel in His Word even on the subject on domestic violence, which is a topic that I’m actively studying.

I’m specifically looking at Saul and how he treated Jonathan and David as well as other texts from that bible which help expand my view.

You might inwardly ask yourself, “Can the Bible relate to my dysfunctional home?”

Then I have to ask you these questions about three men of God’s (Hezekiah, Josiah, and Jonathan) home environments:

1. Did you grow up with a father who tried to kill both you and your friends that came to your house? 1 Samuel 14:43-45; 1 Samuel 18:10, 11; 1 Samuel 19:9, 10; 1 Samuel 20:33.

2.When your father was violent and afterwards acted like a Christian, did you get confused about his real character like Jonathan? 1 Samuel 19:9, 10; 1 Samuel 19:24; 1 Samuel 20:1, 2, 30-33.

3. Did your father burn “his children in the fire” and commit other abominations? 2 Chronicles 28:1-3; 2 Chronicles 33:1-3, 6, 9.

4. Did you sense your father had an evil spirit in him that not only you but others could see? 1 Samuel 16:15.

5. Did your religious father kill leaders in the church? 1 Samuel 15:31; 1 Samuel 22:21.

6. Did your father act religious even though he was unrepentant? 1 Samuel 13:10-14; 1 Samuel 14:43-45; 1 Samuel 15:13, 14, 22, 23; 1 Samuel 15:31.

7. When your family sensed that your father wasn’t genuinely asking for forgiveness, did you all have to run away for safety? 1 Samuel 26:21; 1 Samuel 27:1.

8. Did you ever wonder how you could be a true Christian after coming out of that house?

Honestly, there are many other questions I can ask. As I continue to do this study from the Bible, I know that God can relate to me and everyone else. God’s Word truly does has the answers to every situation, and people need to bring this point across from the Bible even on subjects like domestic violence and dysfunctional homes.

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