See You In Upstate NY, June 10-12!

See You In Upstate NY June 10-12, 2016!

Will I see you in Upstate NY June 10-12, 2016? I will be doing 5 presentations addressing domestic violence and dysfunction from a Biblical perspective at the Triangle SDA Church.

On June 10-12, 2016 the meeting times are:
Friday at 7pm
Saturday at 11am
Saturday at 4pm
Saturday at 6:30pm
Sunday at 11am

Themes that will be covered:
1. Loves Me, Loves Me Not
2. What About The Children?
3. Let Me Introduce You To The Wonderful Counselor!
4. The Blueprint For Overcoming Dysfunctional Backgrounds
5. Tactics of Abuse

Here is the address of the Triangle SDA Church: 3670 route 206 Greene, New York 13778.

If you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to text/call me at 540-422-1840, e-mail me at, or leave a comment below.

“3 Reasons The Church Must Start Talking About Domestic Violence”, an article from highlights the importance of speaking out on this issue. There are cries all over the internet for churches to stop being silent on this topic.

My goal is for Christ and His Word to be uplifted. I hope that everyone will see very clearly that Christ identifies with dysfunction and has the solution for overcoming domestic violence. I also want this to be as interactive as possible for all ages. I will share part of my own personal experience with domestic violence and dysfunction as well.

Below are two examples of Biblical presentations on domestic violence the Lord helped me do. They were interactive but very practical as well. I shared these worship talks at a Seventh-day Adventist Christian college and academy. The first video is very interesting. You just have to watch it. It’s only 3 minutes long, and I don’t want to give anything away about it. The second video came from a chapter in my book, “Except the Lord Build the House: Overcoming the Dysfunctional Mind”, called “How God Addresses Domestic Violence”. You can read more about the second illustration here. There were vastly more verses I could’ve shared, but I only had 15 minutes, and I wanted to make a lasting impression, so I combined a few Bible texts with interactivity.

My home church is where I have been able to share messages addressing domestic violence and dysfunction. I’ve learned there how messages can be both for children and adults. This will be the first time I will be at another church sharing 5 full length presentations, and I solicit your prayers! I have had many counseling sessions with the Wonderful Counselor, and I just want to be His representative.

I hope to see you in upstate NY June 10-12, 2016!

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    Please keep this event in prayer!